In May, Znullptr (David Miller) was working on porting various emulators to the PlayStation 4 thus beefing up its homebrew lineup which makes hacking the console more appealing.

Among emulators that were being worked on, we find PCSX-R (PS1), Yabause (Saturn), Blast-Em (Genesis), Reicast (Dreamcast) and mGBA (GB/GBC/GBA). Unfortunately, he stopped working on these emulators earlier this month as he switched focus to developing a usermode virtualizer for the PlayStation 4 but PKGs for Yabuase, Reicast and mGBA eventually surfaced online.
Now, a PKG of PCSX-R for the PS4 has surfaced thanks to Markus95 which means that you can finally emulate PlayStation 1 games on a hacked PlayStation 4 without booting into Linux. However, the emulator isn’t 100% finished and has some bugs such as broken save functionality, cutscenes lagging and sound not functioning properly. Furthermore, you can only load a single ROM at a time so you have to rename the “game.bin” file that the emulator uses in order to play different games.

To grab the emulator’s PKG, check out this link to Logic-Sunrise’s article about it and scroll to the bottom. A video of the emulator in action .