If you have a PSVita, like listening to music, want to use a dedicated music playing app and donít fancy using QCMA to use the stock music player then your best choice is Joel16ís ElevenMPV.
This CyanogenMod/LineageOS-inspired homebrew music player supports playing a whole variety of music formats (MP3/WAV/FLAC/OGG and more) from any directory in storage and also comes with a whole slew of features including metadata support, a shuffle function and more!

ElevenMPV 2.1.0 has been released and this brings along:

  • The ability to access any directory on the PSVita thus making it an unsafe homebrew
    • This means you need to have Unsafe Homebrew enabled in HENkaku Settings and VitaShell will warn you about it being unsafe before letting you install it; it poses no risk to your deviceís well-being!

  • Lastdir.txt is removed after switching to another device to fix a bug that caused the homebrew to crash
  • Some UI fixes including a tidying up of the menu title in device settings and a fix to the cancel button of the settings menu not being used
  • Playing speed on down-sampled MP3 files has been fixed, dr_libs was updated to the latest version and decoder functions got a minor cleanup

To grab ElevenMPV 2.1.0, check out its GitHub release page to download the VPK. Itís currently not available on VitaDB (and VHBB by extension) but will soon be.