Bad news for the whole PS Vita scene. Sony has just stealthily dropped a new system update for the PS Vita: version 3.71. No official changelog is available at the moment, as Sony's website still lists 3.70 as the latest one, but it was clear since the beginning that the new firmware was aimed towards fixing exploits and security flaws as no new features were added. However, when scene member and console hacker TheFloW took an in-depth look at it, he found out that every single bug used by his Trinity exploit chain had been patched, making it impossible to run or port it over to the new system software.

Given the circumstances, it should go without saying that users interested in running any kind of homebrew on their PS Vita should avoid updating at all costs. If you don't, you will have to wait until a completely new exploit comes out for 3.71 - if that ever happens. TheFloW recommends anyone running Trinity to downgrade to firmware 3.68 or lower, otherwise, you may be locked out of the exploit chain in the future. On the other hand, if you're already running Henkaku or h-encore, you can spoof your system version to 3.71 directly from your CFW's settings.