• After a period of hiatus, Lakka's L4T-based Switch port has been updated once more with some brand new goodies for everyone to enjoy!

    Four additional cores are now available, specifically Mame 2010, OpenLara, Genesis Plus GX (previously removed due to technical issues) and, last but not least, Play! PS2 emulator. About the last one, while having a PS2 emulator running on a Switch is very, very interesting even in itself, you shouldn't expect it to run your favourite games flawlessly or at full speed just yet as it's still slow and experimental. Talking about more stable stuff, a good number of other cores have also been updated, with mupen64plus-next sporting better game compatibility thanks to a recent rebase, Dolphin and PPSSPP getting more options (and improved compatibility for the latter, plus the default audio driver has been changed to avoid freezes while running it), PRBoom adding support for John Romero's Sigil and miscellaneous fixes for PCSX-ReARMed. RetroArch has received a general update as well.

    But it doesn't stop there! A couple of quality of life features have also been thrown into the mix, as Lakka L4T is now able to shut down the system without going back to RCM and the battery charges more quickly - both of which can be handy if you like to carry your Switch around.

    Here is the full official changelog, quoted from the official thread:
    natinusala said:
    Core updates:

    • New core: Play! PS2 emulator (experimental, quite slow for now)
    • New core: mame2010
    • New core: Genesis Plus GX; the core is back and now default for Sega consoles
    • New core: openlara, an open source Tomb Raider engine
    • mupen64plus-next: the core has been rebased against latest GLideN64, fixing compatiblity with the few games that were still broken (including Yoshi's Island 64)
    • Dolphin: the core has been updated with new core options (BBOX, texture cache accuracy)
    • PPSSPP: the core has been updated with a new core option, IO Timing, as well as an improved games compatibility
    • PCSX-ReARMed: the core has been updated
    • FBAlpha has been renamed FBNeo
    • Reicast has been renamed Flycast
    • PRBoom: the core has been updated and now supports sigil.wad


    • There is now a Shutdown menu entry to properly shutdown the console from Lakka without the need to go back to RCM
    • RetroArch has been updated
    • The default audio driver is now alsathread - that fixes PPSSPP hard freezing when opening the menu / closing content
    • The Switch now charges faster in Lakka

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    A download link can be found in the sources below. You can find a guide on how to install Lakka L4T on your Switch here, while you should follow these instructions to update it. It's recommended to delete the old config before booting (located at microSD:\lakka\storage\.config\retroarch\retroarch .cfg) or you may run into issues.