Earlier today, Bethesda released ports of the DOOM triology for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and XBOX One thus making it possible to play these games without having to hack your console.

DOOM can run on anything from a toaster to current home consoles and smartphones. However, you won’t be running Brutal DOOM or certain intensive mods at 60+FPS on every computer as they can be pretty demanding!

Furthermore, they also updated the iOS port of DOOM I to finally support iOS 11+ (it didn’t have a 64-bit binary before) and released DOOM II for it. On the Android side, ports of DOOM I and DOOM II got released although they require Android 8.0 probably for no good reason.
Price-wise, DOOM I and DOOM II come at $5 each while DOOM III comes at $10 thus being quite a bit more expensive than the same offerings on GOG/Steam as they’re all 67% off at the moment with the first two costing around $2 and DOOM III BFG costing around $7.50. However, you’re probably paying a bit extra for the porting work although if you have a hacked console, you can provide your own legitimate game files and play away!