It is only appropriate that the PSVita gets a birthday present for the 3rd year of having to endure HENkaku and this present is a port of Deltarune Chapter One.
Make sure you don’t waste too much time on creating the perfect character in Delatrune

This massively popular and highly-rated Indie game is written in GameMaker Studio by Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale which was officially ported to the PSVita. Sadly, Deltarune didn’t find its way to the console but Tijesef, who’s ported numerous GameMaker games to the console thanks to Silica’s G*Maker, decided to rectify the situation and create a homebrew port instead!
If you’ve never heard of Delatrune before, it’s an RPG game in which you end up in an unknown place called the ‘Dark World’ where you and a classmate named Suzie are hereos that have to restore balance. This is done by defeating creatures and their bullet heck attacks either peacefully or through violence. From a short period of testing, I can confirm the PSVita port works pretty well and has good performance along with a nicely mapped control scheme. According to tijesef, there are only two minor issues with the port namely long waiting times when saving (around 5 seconds) and that you can’t remap controls
To get Deltarune Chapter One (which is free), check out Tijesef’s Reddit Thread about it and grab the VPK to install on your PSVita.