Carowinds posted a graphic on their Instagram a few hours ago detailing six new things coming to this year’s SCarowinds Halloween Haunt event. Unfortunately, none of them are for a new actual haunted maze, which means Depths of Darkness that first opened in 2017 will still be the park’s newest maze... for now. According to the [COLOR=#1B8EDE !important]official website[/COLOR], they are only listing five haunts for this year's event, and Zombie High School is missing from the list. Hopefully they are working on something new to take over that spot and will announce it as we get closer to Haunt season.
What is new this year will be three all new scare zones (Age of Darkness, Grave Walkers and Outlaw’s Revenge) and three all-new shows (Bone Brigade, Overlord’s Awakening and Overlord’s Revenge).