Udcd_uvc is a kernel plugin, by xerpi, that lets you stream your PSVita’s screen to a computer through a wired connection. In other words, this means that the plugin gives the PSVita a feature similar to the Nintendo Switch’s Docked Mode which is a major selling point of the console as you can start playing games on the go and continue them on a big screen at home.
The plugin works well enough so that you can even play time sensitive games like Project Diva with good results!

When it comes to performance, it’s pretty good as it can sustain a very playable framerate almost all the time although it may struggle with keeping up a 60 FPS stream so you’ll have to live with the occasional framedrop but it shouldn’t affect playability at all.
Now, this plugin has been updated to version 1.4 and this brings along a highly requested feature. The full list of changes includes:

  • The plugin now supports turning the screen off when the it is enabled and a USB cable is plugged into the console
    • This allows you to save some battery life while also making the experience a tad better if you’re using the PSVita as the controller

  • There are 3 separate versions now namely:
    • udcd_uvc.skprx – Doesn’t turn the screen off
    • udcd_uvc_oled_off.skprx – Turns the screen off on OLED (Phat) models
    • udcd_uvc_lcd_off.skprx – Turns the screen off on LCD (Slim) models

To grab this updated version of udcd_uvc and put your Vita’s screen to sleep when streaming, check out this link. You can also follow this tutorial to get streaming to your PC in a few minutes if you haven’t done it before!