Without a doubt, Rinnegatamante is one of the most active PSVita scene members, so much so that he even wrote his thesis about porting Quake III to the console!

Vita Nuovaís bounty tracker lets one easily create and publicise bounties so that the Vita could get a few more homebrew before itís really lights out for it

2 days ago, he came up with yet another contribution to the scene and thatís the creation of Vita Nuova, a Vita community that focuses on bridging the gap between developers and end-users while also focusing on promoting bounties for the platform.

As of right now, Vita Nuova consists of a slightly updated VitaDB, a Discord server where users/developers can discuss things related to Vita development and a bounty tracker with a few bounties that Rinnegatamante himself started. The bounty tracker includes bounties for:
◾GPU acceleration in RetroArch for the Vita which has raised a staggering $1172
◾A Reicast port for the Vita which has raised $50 but is most likely just a pipedream.
◾A port of the GemRB engine which would allow you to play Baldurís Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment on the Vita. This has raised a modest $30 at the moment