HM Revenue & Customs have released new statistics that show the impact of Video Games Tax Relief since they were first introduced half a decade again.
A total of 234 million been paid out to 1,110 claims across 1,075 since 2014. According to HMRC's report, this accounts for 2.6 billion of UK expenditure, and 3.7 billion expenditure in total.
The number of claims has been increasing as the years have passed. 345 of the total claims were made in 2018-19, representing 535 games (claims can be made to cover several games).
The past year's claims have paid out 103 million to 170 UK games firms, since multiple claims can also be made for the same game project.
The 2018-19 represent 492 million in UK expenditure, and the HMRC expects this to increase. It notes the large increase this year is "due to a small number of very high budget games."