In the beginning of this month, Reddit User ‘EpicEpsilon1033’ decided to create a bounty for native resolution PSP games on the PSVita. This bounty, which forms part of Rinnegatamante’s recently created VitaNuova community, aims to achieve native resolution (960×544) on PSP games when run on the PSVita by making clever use of the PSP hardware inside the Vita and the console’s own graphics hardware. Following this article, many people shared the bounty online and it’s currently valued at $500 which is a huge increase from the $75 it was at a week ago!

Now, a developer called Michal (nickname: ‘robots‘) has started working on making the bounty come to life. He said that one shouldn’t expect quick progress and went on to provide a rough timeline for his work which includes:

  1. Figure out how to patch the PSP’s graphics module in order to make it redirect Texture/DrawList memory to the Vita’s shared memory rather than the GE’s memory spacePort PPSSPP’s GE to the PSVita – scaling won’t be included at this point
  2. Add scaling capabilities to the above so that native PSVita resolution could be achieved
    • These steps are in chronological order. While they might sound simple, it’s important to keep in mind that they require a tremendous amount of work so don’t expect to see much any time soon unless he pulls a Xerpi

  3. Going through the guy’s GitHub repository list, it seems that he’s dabbled a bit with PSVita-related development in the past but hasn’t made an awful lot of work public. That being said, only time will tell if he manages to get anywhere and we at Wololo wish him the best of luck!