The PlayStation Vita has a pretty good amount of homebrew and even some original homebrew games that are exclusive to the system created by numerous Indie developers.
Among these, we find Pingo by Grzybojad which is a puzzle game with the goal of painting a whole map with the least amount of steps as possible. While this may sound easy, it can get pretty challenging since many levels are designed in a clever ways that force you to think about your next move. Other than being a fun way to pass some time, it also has a high degree of polish and great artwork which was done by Jumbocube.
Pingo 2.0 comes with a whole new world and even more polish

Now, it has been updated to version 2.0 and this brings along:

  • A new world that include 30 levels. These levels come with 3 new gameplay mechanics and a different colour scheme
  • Support for custom levels which can be created by robDev’s pingo-edit
  • Navigation with the touchscreen which kinda gives it Cut The Rope-esque vibes in the menus
  • The Options menu now works;
    • This menu can be used to set the volume, enable/disable touch controls and view your stats

  • Improved visuals, 4 new music tracks, an easter egg and a credits scene after you beat all the levels

To get Pingo 2.0 on your Vita (which you definitely should do), simply open VHBB and install it since it’s available on VitaDB. Alternatively, you can grab the VPK from this link (report bugs in the Issues tab) and install it via VitaShell. You may also donate to him via Patreon. Unfortunately, there’s no Android/iOS port since I personally think that it would make a great mobile game especially with the updated visuals in this version!