Itís no secret that the PSVitaís FPS library is pretty thin and with a few exceptions such as Killzone Mercenary, not all that good.
vitaRTCW 0.2 comes with multiplayer support for extra enjoyment! (Image Source)

To remedy that, various homebrew developers ported classics such as DOOM, Quake and numerous others including Return To Castle Wolfenstein, the port of which was updated earlier today. This sizeable update, which bumps the version number to 0.2, brings along:

  • Multiplayer support which lets you play RTCW online on the few populated servers that remain!
    • Make sure to play the single player game first since itís awesome in its own right

  • Cinematics are now rendered properly so you can enjoy the fictional plot with Nazis dabbling in the supernatural a bit better
  • The memory available to the renderer was increased and memory usage for both it and the sound manager was reduced
  • Mipmaps can now be used and support for fog/portals got implemented
  • Numerous rendering issues were fixed including one that made the skybox not render properly in some instances

To download vitaRTCW 0.2 and nuke some Nazis, check out this link to get the portís executables; the full changelog can be viewed here. You may donate to Rinnegatamante (the developer behind vitaRTCW) via his Patreon.Itís important to note that you must supply Return To Castle Wolfensteinís game files yourself as the game isnít free!