As its name suggests, Easy Plugin is a homebrew application that lets you install, remove and manage plugins on your hacked PSVita or PSTV console. This application is developed by GBATemp user ‘THEN00P‘ and was originally released in March 5, 2019 although it didn’t receive much attention back then so we’ll be taking an in-depth look at it.

Among the features it comes with, we find:

  • The ability to install plugins from VitaDB so you have a pretty significant choice of 87 to choose from
    • You’re allowed to install any user plugin of your choice for either a specific application(s) or for all applications
    • Obviously, kernel plugins are installed under the *KERNEL section so they’re available regardless of the application that’s running

  • A search function so you can find the plugin you’re looking for more easily
  • Functionality for removing installed plugins although it doesn’t seem to find any of the plugins I already had in my “config.txt” file
  • It supports installing plugins that have data folders or config files so the vast majority of plugins can be installed without any extra effort
  • A nicely-made GUI controlled with face buttons which describes the action that each button does for easy navigation

From a short testing session, I can confirm that Easy Plugin works pretty well and comes with enough features to satisfy the plugin-management needs of the vast majority of hacked PSVita users! That being said, I’d personally like to see the plugin list be sorted alphabetically and for the application to have a section in which you can manage your ‘config.txt’ file without having to look for every plugin individually.
Without a doubt, Easy Plugin 1.1 is a pretty significant update which you should surely get if managing plugins by modifying taiHEN’s config.txt isn’t your thing. To grab it, you can either install via VHBB as it’s available on VHBB or get the VPK from the GitHub link below. As usual, bugs should be reported to the Issues Tab on the application’s GitHub page.