• Released earlier this year was DerKoun's HD tweak to the emulator bsnes, which added widescreen to classic games, while also dramatically upscaling Mode 7 graphics. After a few months of work, a new release has been made available, bringing with it some exciting new features. In this build, DerKoun has added HD upscaling and super sampling up to 10x original resolution. Should you have the right hardware and a desire to play your Super Nintendo games in 4K, you now can. Also featured in this version is smooth gradients and true color processing, which allow for better graphics from a distance and more accurate color emulation, respectively.


    • Smooth (true color, high resolution) gradients for color math from fixed color, e.g. for pseudo perspectives. This combines the new true color support and high resolution smoothing of HDMA effects to turn approximations of gradients into real ones. This is noticeable in many games with Mode 7 perspectives, often in the top/distant part, which often fades to black or another color. Enabled by default, on medium setting "4". (see image: left side before vs. right one with this improvement)
    • True color processing for all color operations. Colors are upconverted from RGB 555 to 888 early, before any further processing.
    • Fixed crashes on combined high scale and widescreen settings. All combinations available in the settings dialog now work. Also manually editing the config file now allows for wider widescreen, but it still crashes due to too high combinations.
    • HD and super sampling scale up to 10x. So you can go for true 4K with the right combination of settings and really good hardware.
    • preview: Smooth (high resolution) Window effects, like shadows or spells. This is considered a preview, as the top and bottom edges of such effects still look SD and therefore stand out. It is disabled ("0") by default. You can set "1" or higher values to give it a try. Please let me know what works good and what does not. Screenshots and savestates would be much appreciated.

    DerKoun's next step for bsnes-hd is to merge the newest updates and changes from the official branch of bsnes, before moving onto new ideas and implementations. Currently, bsnes-hd beta 9 is available on both Windows and Linux, and is available to download below.