• After being stuck in PR limbo for a while, the ever-popular 3DS emulator Citra has finally added texture dumping & replacement to its official Canary builds!

    The features are still experimental, so it may take a while before they reach Nightlies, but if you're curious, you can play around with them and make your own texture packs right now! Once you've got the latest build, you can find all you need in the Graphics section of the emulator's Configuration window. Three options are available, and they're pretty self-explanatory: "Use Custom Textures", "Dump Textures" and "Preload Custom Textures". The system in place is very similar to Dolphin's own: dumped textures will be placed in <User Directory>\dump\textures\<title id> as PNG files, while custom ones will be loaded from <User Directory>\load\textures\<title id> (you can also right-click on a game entry and choose "Open Texture Dump Location" / "Open Custom Texture Location" for easier access). After editing the dumped files (or grabbing a premade pack from the internet), you can just drop everything in the custom textures folder, boot up your desired title with the correct options enabled et voilà, your game will have a brand new look!

    Note: This feature is currently still WIP (Work-in-progress)!

    Texture dumping and replacement have been implemented for Citra, by Khang06.
    For more details, see PR #4868.

    Instructions for dumping textures

    • Open Emulation > Configure... in Citra’s menu and go to Graphics > Enhancements.
    • Enable Dump textures and click OK.
    • Now open a game of your choice, and start playing. As you keep playing, the textures used by the game will be dumped as .PNG files.
      • Right-click on your game in the games list and select Open Texture Dump Location to open the dump folder.

    Instructions for replacing textures

    • Right-click on your game in the games list and select Open Custom Texture Location to open the folder where custom textures will be loaded from.
    • Place your custom texture .PNG files in the folder.
    • In Emulation > Configure... > Graphics > Enhancements, enable Use Custom Textures and click OK.
      • Additionally, if you want your custom textures to be pre-loaded to RAM, enable Preload Custom Textures as well. This will help improve the performance but will also increase memory usage.

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    Are you excited about this feature? Will you use it to give your favourite titles an unofficial HD remaster or are you hyped for more "games repainted"-like texture packs? Let us know by leaving a post below!