Around 3 hours ago, pwn20wnd who is one of unc0verís authors (together with Sam Bingner) took the community by surprise and tweeted out that unc0ver 3.5.0 got released with support for iOS 12.4 which is the latest version of iOS meaning that itís obviously signed and ready to be installed.
Unlike other times when a new version of iOS got jailbroken, this time it wasnít because a new exploit, making use of a previously disclosed vulnerability, got released but because sock_port (the exploit by Jake James used to jailbreak iOS 12.1.3-12.2) got unpatched on iOS 12.4 (released on 22 July) after it was patched on iOS 12.3.
Apparently, this security blunder was discovered by Ahmed Aldeab 2 days ago and after it was verified by leading jailbreak developers, pwn20wnd got to work by updating and testing a new release of unc0ver presumably before Apple becomes aware of what happened and pushes a new version of iOS to patch the issue.