Emma 02 v1.31 is released. Emma 02 is an emulator for the relatively unknown COMX-35 computers from the early 80s. Emma 02 runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The Emma 02 Emulator is currently emulating the following computers:
Cosmac Elf 2000
Cosmac VIP
Cosmac Elf
Netronics Elf II
Quest Super Elf
RCA Studio II
Visicom COM-100
Victory MPT-02
Telmac TMC-600
Telmac 1800
Telmac 2000
Oscom Nano
Pecom 64
ETI 660

Emma 02 v1.31 Changelog:
Added support for the CDP18S020 Evaluation Kit including 'real' single step mode
Corrected bug in CDP1805 instruction handling for BCD substraction instructions
Corrected timing issue when using CDP1804/1805 instructions
Changed calculation of CPU speed on Debugger / message tab to 'restart' after a computer is stopped/started via F12 or RUN button switch
Fixed a bug causing new SW files never to be found on first start-up of Emma 02
Support added for Elf Chip 8 variant (extra OUT4 / Fx75 instruction)
Video Coin Arcade
Changed video timing to a 60 Hz frequency
Cosmac Elf, Netronics Elf II, Quest Super Elf
Added support for the 'real' Single Step feature for the Quest Super Elf
Bug fixed on OSX causing EFx not being reset after hex keypad press when using 'screen' keypad
Changed handling of 'IN' EF so that EF4 will always be set to 0 on an IN press even if EF4 is used for other 'HW'
Added an option to activate EFx on every hex key press via a checkbox which is now possible to use in Elf runtime. This is replacing keyboard type Hex (+EF) which is removed.
Added EF Button (EF3/EF4) support for Elf II
Added games: Blockade, Cosmac Cosmos, Cosmac Cowboy, Dog fight, Dot-dash, Miniature Golf and Space Invaders
Fixed a bug in key file handling which caused the Key file not to work on start-up but only on restart
Changed video timing to a 60 Hz frequency (and CPU clock to 1.76)
VIP2K Membership Card
Support added for PAL video, including PAL sequencer ROM file
Changed F12 press to reset intead of stop of switch run mode
Chip 8
Included Dot-dash, Minature Golf and a code correction on VIP Dog Fight
RCA Studio IV
Changed video timing to a 50/60 Hz frequency for PAL/NTSC