This year's Christmas release slate is an unusually quiet one.
Some of the blockbusters that have historically dominated the Q4 sales window are absent. EA has no blockbuster multiplayer shooter this year, and instead has a single-player Star Wars adventure to plug the gap. Ubisoft has just the solitary AAA release this quarter, and it's not Assassin's Creed or Watch Dogs. And although they're not always a Christmas fixture, there is no Fallout or Elder Scrolls or GTA, either.
Yet what may look like a weakness to games retailers is an opportunity for everyone else. Christmas 2020 will likely be dominated by another new console showdown, with major first and third-party games trying to achieve decent market share on consoles with a smaller install base.
This Christmas there will be well over 150 million console owners in the market, and with some of the big players absent, it's a real chance for everyone else to capitalise.