VB81 XuR (2019/08/18) is released. VB81 XuR is the ZX81 emulator.

VB81 XuR (2019/08/18) Changelog:
- Basic:
. Keyboard refresh: Ok.
(the keyboard freezed if you quickly press the same key)
. Pause blinking removed.
. Shift + "left arrow" don't move cursor to left but display "5" with "5678" option: OK.

- Rom hack "Waiting Key" at 4CAh fixed.
This Rom hack foced a double key press in basic editor ...
We had to press shfit+6 or shift+7 two times to move Edit cursor.
This hack can be removed, but it used to trigg (intercept) the "auto-load" P file process.
Debouce variable was updated while OUT(0) calls, it release Rom loop.

- "Pause" Rom-Hack removed :
ZxChess , Adventure-C, Basic Pause (D_file crashed while a "Pause" 32000 after 10 seconds): OK.
keyboard in Memocalc: Ok.(link to kb refresh)
You may had to set VB81 XuR using a 64kb Ram pack to avoid this crash.

- Larken:
. Ok.

- AGB - JOYSTICK II : [driver in the P_Tools directory]
Use the $DF & $EF IN IRQ Port.
Port A: Press "5" LEFT "6" DOWN "7" UP "8" RIGHT "New/Line" FIRE
Port B: Press "A" LEFT "S" DOWN "W" UP "D" RIGHT "F" FIRE

- Auto-Type/user keys:
Repeat a key and the "user keys" able to remap PC cursors keys.

- Hrg Memotech stat:
. init: Ok.
. Basic return: Ok
. Printer: controls chars printed, "unstring" printer decay.
. Shadow Ram trigged with display mode 2&3 to boot on Memotech RAM: Ok.

- G007 stat:
. Init: Ok.
. Basic mnemonics: Ok.
. UDG: bugged.
(while G007 card using, the Variable windows is disabled.)

- Quick Silva:
. Init : OK.
. Emulation of the RAM/ROM selector : OK.
. HRG Demo/Test at RAND USR 11036
. ZXprinter : OK. (can't run under Rom mode, the card must be initialized)
Nota: The ZxPrinter can't run with the "copy" command, use Qcopy function.

- Quick Silva HRG Card:
. Init : OK.
. Emulation of the RAM/ROM selector : OK.
. ZXprinter : OK. (RAND USR 11321)

- Pseudo-high resolution stat:
. IY : Micro-mouse, rocket-man, manic-miner ok. (Original release)
. UDG: IR offset redirected. (frogger)
Vb81 don't bother RomCs and RamCs statment... the UDG can be used on regular memory card.
In a real ZX81, the UDG can only be used with the RomCs (wirred on the mother board).
. IM2: Line-Editor, X-tricator, ZXpuzzle ... can't be displayed(breaked scan lines and private display routine).
. Bipods, bad score and new game refresh.

- Display:
The Vb81 routine is based on a pseudo-emulation.
It don't use the OUT IRQ data bus, but use the D_File memory segment (the system memory buffer).
All advanced display routines using a video scan line break and advanced hight resolution stuff,
(other than listed cards, psedo Hrg or UDG feature) can't run with VB81.
The real ULA emulation will be too heavy regards visual basic's capabilitys.

- Interface:
. screen size refresh: Ok.
. reversed screen refresh: Ok.
. Wav loading feature: unachieved.(several wav to P file converter exist!)
. Wav saving feature: Ok.
. Vars window: Can crash on integers values.
. "Load & Break"/"Asm Breaker" Seem working properly, but don't reinit UDG on pseudo HRG files.
. Screen capture (ZX81/VB81)
. Screen capture ASCII (\screenshot\Ascii_Screen.txt => add all screens to this file)
* . Can load Z81 memory dump files, but in save mode, screen values aren't implemented.
(compatibility pb with EO with save option)
* . Printer multi-columns generator.
(note: Use contrasted printer option when you had to create a listing.)

- Sound:
. Octavia sound card: OK.
. VTR sound Card:
- Out(0Fh) and Out(DFh) implemented, but noise/enveloppe not coded yet.

- Inboard ZxToken:
. Ovoid 2 caracters input mode: The ZxBasic char. set (Zx81_riched.fon) and the ZxText2P by Chris Cowley.
(have a look to the ZxToken project for more informations and docs.)
. Examples in the "\text files" folders.