Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has robbed Minecrat of the top spot in the UK charts this week, despite selling less copies overall.

The anomaly is a repeat of last week, which saw Minecraft positioned at No. 7 in the charts rather than No. 1, a result of it's various platform versions having different publishers.

This week Minecraft once again edged ahead of Mario Kart by a slim margin. However, it's also worth noting that Nintendo doesn't report digital sales figures, which also creates problems with the data.

Meanwhile, Super Mario Maker 2 held onto the No. 2, with a modest sales increase of 9%, while Crash Team Racing sales were down 19%, putting it at No. 3.

Mortal Kombat 11 came crashing back into the charts for the first time in weeks, with a sales increase of 262% to land at No. 4 this week ahead of new DLC.

Super Mario Odyssey sales increased 76%, placing it at No. 5, and marking Nintendo's third entry into the top ten.

The Switch release of Minecraft inched up a spot this week to No. 6, and is currently the best-performing version of the game.

Though down 13% this week, Grand Theft Auto V continues its unwavering presence in the charts, placing at No. 7.