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Thread: Nintendo 3DS firmware update 11.11.0-43E released

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    Default Nintendo 3DS firmware update 11.11.0-43E released

    • More stability. You know you want it, and Nintendo is here to make your wish come true by streaming it directly to a dual-screen system near you. Firmware 11.11.0-43 has just been released for the whole family of EUR 3DS consoles and, while no official changelog is available at the time of writing, we can all imagine what it would look like. It is currently unknown if and when update will also be released for other regions. Even if something got changed under the hood, it doesn't look like anything significant for homebrew according to a tweet made by smealum:

      The coast may seem clear, but the usual rules still apply: while CFW users can upgrade freely, you are advised to wait until the all-clear is given before doing so if you're relying on *hax payloads or other entrypoints - especially considering the new firmware doesn't introduce any new features or functions. This post will be kept up-to-date with any other useful hacking & homebrew related info.

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    Nintendo 3ds 11.11.0-43 only for EUR console, I just update it and tested my r4i gold 3ds plus, everything works well, so nice.

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