Want to release your game on Stadia? You're in good company, with over 4000 other developers.
But Stadia business development manager Ray Bautista insists that Google is being picky with who it allows in. The team wants its cloud streaming platform to be a curated storefront experience.
"It was important for us with Stadia that we moved away from the Wild West that exists in some storefronts today," Bautista said, speaking at the GamesIndustry.biz Investment Summit at PAX Dev. "Just because a studio has a game idea doesn't mean we're going to allow them to publish that game on our platform. Just because a developer or publisher releases a game that was a success, we certainly aren't going to allow ten, 20, 50 fast follows to come after that.
"It's important to us that we are looking at every single piece of content that comes to our platform to really help spotlight developers, showcase the talented developers and content that's coming out, and more importantly make sure we're proud of the content that's being released on the platform."