A few days ago, CBPS Team released Chovy Sign which is a hacking tool that allows you to run any PSP backup of your choice on PSVita FW 3.71.
If you’re an unlucky soul with a PSVita on FW 3.71, you’ll be pleased to know that you can play any PSP game you want on it with Chovy Sign!

This release, which is part of Project Chovy, was pretty significant as this firmware has no native hacks available for it (i.e HENkaku) since it fully patched TheFlow’s Trinity Exploit chain. Using it isn’t too difficult provided you follow a guide (such as this one) but it requires you to have a functional Windows PC with QCMA installed so make sure you get stuff ready before loading on a bunch of PSP games on your FW 3.71 PSVita or PSTV!
Now, it has been updated to Pubic Beta 2 and this comes with the following changes:

  • The binaries now work on 32-bit installations of Windows so if your only Windows PC is pretty ancient, you’re in luck!
  • ISOs for Minis now show the Minis bootscreen
  • Improved exception handling (i.e less crashes and a more robust application overall)

To grab Chovy Sign Public Beta 2, check out this link and grab the latest ZIP file.