On other news, the PSVita’s port of the Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold engine (BStone Vita) has received a pretty beefy update which fixes a long list of minor yet noticeable issues. If you don’t know what Blake Stone is, it’s a FPS game released in 1993 based on Wolfenstein 3D’s engine with some enhancements like interactive map elements and textured floors/ceilings.
If you’re a fan of Wolfenstein 3D then Blake Stone: Aliens Of Gold is a title you should probably check out even more so that the Vita port received an update full of fixes and extra polish!

In it, you play as a British intelligence agent that’s trying to stop Dr. Pyrus Goldfire from taking over the world using genetically-engineered aliens, humans and mutants.

The aforementioned beefy update, with version number 0.3, brings about the following:

  • Functionality to choose between previous/next weapon was added and could be triggered by touching the touchscreen’s top area and hitting ‘O’ (circle button)
  • Joystick sensitivity can now be adjusted in-game
  • The X/O buttons now function as expected in menus and the sound volume menu got a cosmetic fix
  • Some crashes and out of memory errors were fixed
  • Fadein tearing no longer occurs and the game’s engine was updated to version 1.1.13 (the upstream version of BStone)
  • The save format changed so previous saves aren’t compatible!

To download BStone 0.3, follow this link to download the VPK or wait till it’s uploaded to VitaDB. You need to supply your own game files to “ux0:/data/bstone” as instructed by the README