As discussed in this article, some games on the Nintendo Switch are locked to render at a framerate lower than that which the Switch can achieve either due to thermals/battery life reasons or because overclocking the Switchís CPU is needed to achieve a constant 60FPS.
Thanks to Masagratorís work, you can play the just-released demo of Dragon Quest XI S at 60FPS if you donít mind overclocking your Switch to the max (Source)

Due to this, Masagrator decided to create a bunch of 60FPS mods so that people who donít care much about thermals/battery life can enjoy games looking as best they can on their Switch. Now, he and his colleague ĎKirby567fanĎ released 4 more mods for retail Switch games which include:

  • Lost Sphear Ė Compatible with version 1.3.1
  • I am Setsuna Ė Compatible with version 1.1.0
  • Fe Ė Compatible with base game (i.e wonít work if you install any updates)
  • American Fugitive Ė Compatible with version 1.0.5
  • The demo of Dragon Quest XI S (itís a guide on how to patch it yourself as its config files havenít been unpacked as of now)
  • For best results, make sure you follow the overclocking profiles described in the links above as all 5 games require a slight/moderate overclock to maintain a constant 60FPS

Other than the above releases, thereís also some good news for these 60FPS mods as itís been discovered how to get 60FPS in Unity games (American Fugitive is one of them) which took masagrator a few weeks to figure out. If the games you want to play arenít in that list, thereís still hope as masagrator promised that heíll release more patches next Friday (30th August)!