• Ladies and gentleman, start your updaters! The Cemu developers have just released a new public version of their popular Wii U emulator: 1.15.13b. While the Vulkan renderer may have not been included in this build yet, as it's still in a promising but WIP state in the Patreon-exclusive 1.16.0, the team has fixed a couple of bugs related to the GamePad view: its resolution is now set correctly when launched before a game is running and the mouse cursor no longer gets hidden while interacting with its window in fullscreen mode. Speaking of fixes, some crashes have also been resolved, specifically with a few homebrew apps and the games FullBlast and Adventures of Pip (including other Unity ones, potentially). If you're enjoying the Screenshot function, keep in mind this version changes its hotkey from Print Screen to F12!

    However, 1.15.13b also drops support for older graphic packs - in particular, the ones using the version 1 format (first introduced in Cemu 1.7.0). Version 2 and 3 packs will still continue to work. If you have any custom ones installed, be sure to double-check whichever you're using before updating!

    Official changelog
    # Cemu detailed changelog for 1.15.13b
    # Patreon release date: 2019-08-23
    # Public release date: 2019-08-30

    # New in 1.15.13b:

    general: Language files updated

    # New in 1.15.13:

    general: Fixed GamePad view using the wrong resolution when opened before a game is launched
    general: Fixed mouse cursor disappearing when interacting only with the GamePad window in fullscreen (#172)
    general: Dropped support for legacy v1 graphic packs
    general: Screenshot hotkey changed to F12

    debugger: Added LR to register view

    CPU: Fixed overflow check in SUBFEO instruction
    With this change Adventures of Pip no longer crashes on boot
    Other Unity based games might be affected as well

    CPU: Fixed implementation of MULLWO
    Full Blast no longer crashes with save game (#117)

    nlibcurl: Fixed a delayed crash that could occur when games used curl_multi_fdset()

    GX2: Fixed hermite filter not scaling with window size

    (#xx) refers to bug tracker issues resolved by this change. See http://bugs.cemu.info/projects/cemu/

    Cemu v1.15.13b can be downloaded by going to its official website (linked below) or, if you are already running version 1.15.10 or later, by using its included auto-updater.