SKGleba’s unofficial Modoru 2.0 was released following his recent success in enabling modoru to work on FW 3.71/3.72, first through code execution in F00D and now using a more reliable method!
SKGleba’s Modoru 2.0 makes downgrading from FW 3.71/3.72 stupidly easy so everybody on these firmwares should probably do it since PSN can be accessed on lower firmwares through spoofing!

According to its changelog, his unofficial version of Modoru brings along:

  • Support for firmware 3.71/3.72
    • This means that you don’t need to use dsll-mdr72 and go through the process of loading an older system module in order to use modoru. All you need to do is just copy the target PUP file to ‘ux0:app/MODORU000/PSP2UPDAT.PUP’

  • The current and minimum FW versions are now shown before battery/PUP checks
  • SKGleba forgot to change the version information in the LiveArea and as a result, it still shows version 1.0. A commit fixing this change has been pushed so an updated VPK should come soon.

Obviously, you need to grab a PUP file in order to downgrade your PSVita and to do that you can check out this page by Darthsternie. Unless you have a special PSVita model, you have to download a file from the ‘Complete Official Firmwares’ section – it’s generally recommended to downgrade to either FW 3.60 (what I personally use) or FW 3.65 as anything below 3.60 has limited native hack support and anything above FW 3.65 doesn’t support HENkaku Enso.