As the PlayStation 3ís online gaming servers are still up and running, one of the first orders of business when a new firmware is out is an update to SEN Enabler. SEN Enabler is a homebrew utility for hacked PlayStation 3 consoles running a CFW that lets you spoof your firmware version, disable CFW syscalls and patch your MAC address among other things.
Following FW 4.85ís release a few days ago, SEN Enabler 6.2.3 got released and it comes with the following features:

  • Ability to set the spoofed version to 4.85
  • Support for Cobra 4.85 CEX
  • Spoof and hash fix support for 4.85 CFW Cobra CEX

As usual, itís important to note that using SEN Enabler will not reduce your chance of getting banned to 0% but it can drastically reduce the chances of it happening if used properly.
To grab SEN Enabler 6.2.3, check out this link and choose your preferred mirror.