edgbla's Software Rendering Plugin v1.64 is released. This is a Russian GPU plugin for Sony PlayStation emulators.

edgbla's Software Rendering Plugin main features:
Interlace mode emulation;
Screen settings emulation;
Final Fantasy 8 pre battle effect emulation;
Pixel perfect geometry (I hope. );
Method of reducing vertex jittering (pcsxr);

Other features:
16/32-bit software renderer;
Increased internal resolution;
Texture bilinear filtering;
Support for gpuPeteOGL2 glsl shaders;
Fullscreen filters;
High precision GPU commands emulation;
Correct polygon cutting;
Precise dithering;
Correct aspect ratio;
Controlling the plugin with keyboard/mice/joystics;
9 lightgun crosshairs;
Screenshot creation, video recording;

Known issues:
Increasing the internal resolution causes visual artifacts;
The picture is rendered incorrectly when rotated 90 or 270 degrees;

edgbla's Software Rendering Plugin v1.64 Changelog:
The documentation and tips in the settings dialog may contain errors or may not contain information on some features, there is no time to fix it.

When using multithreading, remember:
Setting the number of threads above the number of physical cores reduces the FPS;
The renderer takes all of these streams at 100%;
For 1x1 internal resolution, multithreading reduces FPS;
The higher the internal resolution, the greater the gain from multithreading.

To achieve maximum performance, you must turn off energy-saving technologies.

Multithreaded blitter increases FPS only at very high resolutions, so do NOT enable it.

Under Linux, there is an unpleasant moment - the PCSXR emulator sets the ./pcsxr/plugins directory as the current one, and the EPSXE emulator sets the ./epsxe directory as the current one, so far it is decided to create symbolic links.