If youíre not in the loop when it comes to PSC hacking, BleemSync is the earliest and most well-known comprehensive hacking solution for the mini-console.
With BleemSync, you can unleash the power of your PlayStation Classic and turn it into the ultimate cheap emulation machine! (Image Source)

Compared to other hacking solutions like AutoBleem and RetroBoot, its main aim is to provide a feature packed experience that lets you make use of everything that the PlayStation Classic has to offer including the ability to play its built-in games, add your own games, use emulators and network support among others.
Other than a large amount of features, it also receives updates every few months and now, BleemSync 1.2.0 has landed with the following new stuff:

  • The built-in version of RetroArch has been updated to version 1.7.8 which was released last week
    • This update comes with lots of features such as an AI service that enables text-to-speech and translation among other things. More about the RA update can be read here.

  • Folders, which are managed on-console with an application created specifically for that purpose
    • Both stock and external games can be put in folders

  • Network support has been added which lets you update RetroArch cores/assets, play certain multiplayer games online and more
    • There doesnít seem to be a list containing all supported WiFi/Ethernet adapters but itís been confirmed that the TP-Link WN725, ASUS AC-53 NANO, Insignia Gigabit Ethernet are supported. Included network modules can be found here.

  • An on-console game manager allowing you to edit game entries and remove them without having to use a PC
  • Various improvements and fixes such as better serial identification in the Transfer Tool, a better game database and a fix for issues relating to launching multi-disc games with the built-in emulators
    To grab BleemSync 1.2.0 and make the most out of your PlayStation Classic, check out this link which contains both the download links and the instructions required to set up BleemSync. The folks behind BleemSync (ModMyClassic) can be donated to via Patreon or PayPal (link above).