On the PSVita front, we have an update to EDuke32 Vita which is a port of the popular Duke3D engine EDuke32 which comes with various features such as support for rendering at higher resolutions and great mod support. Now, Rinnegatamante has updated the PSVita’s port to version 1.6 which brings along:

  • BAT scripts can now be used which let you easily define custom launching parameters
  • Support for GRP files in SSI format has been added
  • Support for internal MID tracks has been added
  • Overwriting savefiles now works
  • Minor improvements including improved engine time accuracy, a better cache size detector and minor fixes to prevent memory corruption

To grab EDuke32 Vita 1.6, you can either get it via VHBB (Vita Homebrew Browser) or by downloading the VPK directly from here. Rinnegatamante can be donated to via Patreon.