melonDS is a Nintendo DS emulator by Arisotura which aims to provide a high degree of accuracy while still keeping performance in mind.
melonDS 0.8.3 comes with a solution for a couple of annoying outstanding issues such as audio stutters!

This year, the emulator has seen a great deal of progress including the addition of an OpenGL accelerated renderer and imminent JIT/DSi builds which will continue to increase the emulatorís versatility.
Now, melonDS 0.8.3 has been released which comes with the following:

  • An issue relating to Ctrl+K hotkeys was fixed so now you can map Ďspecialí keys like Shift and Ctrl to buttons again
  • As a solution to audio and frame limiter issues, three different syncing solution have been introduced namely:
    • Limit framerate Ė the oldschool way of doing things but itís a tad different from previous implementations as it tries to find an average framerate over several frames so as not to limit games that run at 30FPS internally too aggressively
    • Audio sync Ė Use this if you want 0 audio stuttering at the cost of a less stable framerate
    • VSync Ė synchronises the emulatorís framerate with that of your monitor (typically 60/75/120/144FPS) but may not work properly with games that alter their framerate by modifying VCount. Only works on the OpenGL renderer when running on Windows

  • OpenGL initialisation no longer fails on OpenGL 4.1 or earlier (melonDSí renderer requires OpenGL 3.1)melonDS isnít only interesting for PC users but also for console users since a functional port for the Nintendo Switch already exists and a limited scope PSVita port may be possible in the future!

  • Audio output is now done at a standard 48000Hz frequency instead of 47430Hz to improve compatibility with poorly written audio drivers
  • Some accuracy improvements and minor fixed as per the commit history on GitHub

Furthermore, beta builds of JIT-enabled and DSi-compatible version of the emulators will be coming but these are based on melonDS 0.8.2 and melonDS 0.8.1 respectively for the time being.
To grab melonDS for your PC and emulate the DS to your heartís content, check out this link.