Nintendo continues to use the courts in its efforts to crack down on people selling circumvention devices for its systems. Sir Richard Arnold today ruled in the Switch maker's favor in a High Court of Justice case, granting an injunction requiring the UK's five main internet service providers to block their customers' access to four websites offering "SX Pro" hardware and software to jailbreak the Switch.
"The injunction sought is necessary to prevent, or at least reduce, substantial damage to NCL [Nintendo Co., Ltd.]," Arnold ruled. "It appears that substantial sales of the circumvention devices have been made in the UK, that substantial quantities of pirated games have been downloaded in the UK and installed on Nintendo Switches using the circumvention devices and that NCL has sustained significant losses as a result."
Justice Arnold noted that Nintendo has been unable to identify the people running the websites, and cease and desist orders have either been ignored or prompted the sites to change their URLs. Take-down requests sent to the sites' hosting providers were likewise ignored, and while YouTube, Amazon, and ebay have squashed listings regarding these sites and devices upon request, they aren't stopping them from being replaced.