According to Google Stadia VP and head of product John Justice, the Stadia team is working hard to implement not just cross-platform play, but also cross-progression across as many games on the service as possible.
Speaking in a video interview with StadiaCast, Justice said that Google wanted to include the feature event for games that don't include online or multiplayer features by necessity. He offered the example of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (though he acknowledged Skyrim had not been announced for Google Stadia) as a situation where a single-player, story-based game might benefit from cross-progression on a new platform.
"We are trying to do [cross-progression] with every single title we're bringing to Stadia. That's something that we see as a key piece of next-gen. We're trying to push that next-gen is all about openness, it's about being able to play across your friend groups, it's about taking down these walled gardens, it's about being able to keep your progression wherever it is you are."
But he also acknowledged the company was encountering some resistance.
"Not every game platform is wholly on board with this, and some of them are on board with it for some titles and not for others."