• It's here! @SciresM and the rest of his team have just released a new version of Atmosphère, their popular free and open-source Switch CFW.

    Version 0.9.4's main highlight is full OFW 9.0.0 support, both for SysMMC and EmuMMC. However, if you plan on updating, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First off, Nintendo's latest firmware changed how HID works, which breaks libnx button input detection. This has been addressed in newer versions of the library, but will require homebrew to be recompiled in order for it to be fixed properly. As such, a temporary measure has been put in place to make old homebrew detect input properly while developers recompile their apps, but this will be removed in later releases as it could introduce further issues with HID MITM. Be sure to update everything you use when new versions pop up!

    Secondly, the game card ASIC has also been updated in 9.0.0, which will cause the GC slot to stop working if you downgrade or run an earlier firmware in EmuMMC until you update. To prevent this, Atmosphère will now apply the nogc patch automatically if you boot into 9.0.0 on consoles with a lower fuse count. You can force disable this if you wish by setting nogc = 0 in BCT.ini.

    Finally, USB cannot be IPS patched or MITM'd correctly due to some initialization changes, but a solution is currently being looked into.

    There are also some general fixes and improvements, including correct BIS key generation for newer unpatched units and hbl 2.2 + hbmenu 3.1.1. You can read the full changelog below:
    Quoted from Changelog (Atmosphère v0.9.4):
    0.9.4 is Atmosphère's twenty-second official release.

    fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.9.3.

    With thanks to the @switchbrew team, Atmosphère 0.9.4 is bundled with hbl 2.2, and hbmenu 3.1.1.

    The following was changed since the last release:

    • Support was added for 9.0.0.
      • Please note: 9.0.0 made a number of changes that may cause some issues with homebrew. Details:
      • 9.0.0 changed HID in a way that causes libnx to be unable to detect button input.
        • Homebrew should be recompiled with newest libnx to fix this.
        • Atmosphere now provides a temporary hid-mitm that will cause homebrew to continue to work as expected.
          • This mitm will be removed in a future Atmosphere revision once homebrew has been updated, to allow users to use a custom hid mitm again if they desire.

      • 9.0.0 introduced an dependency in FS on the USB system module in order to launch the SD card.
        • This means the USB system module must now be launched before the SD card is initialized.
        • Correspondingly, the USB system module can no longer be IPS patched, and its settings cannot be reliably mitm'd.
        • We know this is frustrating, so we'll be looking into whether there is some way of addressing this in the future.

      • Please note: 9.0.0 updated the switch's gamecart controller ("lotus") firmware.
        • To prevent the burning of lotus fuses, Atmosphere now applies nogc patches when booting into 9.0.0 with fuses below 9.0.0.
        • If you wish to play gamecarts on 9.0.0 (but forever prevent yourself from playing them on < 9.0.0), set nogc = 0 in BCT.ini.

    • An off-by-one error was fixed in boot system module's pinmux initialization.
      • This could theoretically have caused issues with HdmiCec communication.
      • No users reported issues, so it's unclear if this was a problem in practice.

    • A bug was fixed that could cause webapplet launching homebrew to improperly set the accessible url whitelist.
    • BIS key generation has been fixed for newer hardware.
      • Newer hardware uses new, per-firmware device key to generate BIS keys instead of the first device key, so previously the wrong keys were generated as backup.
      • This only affects units manufactured after ~5.0.0.

    • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

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    @CTCaer's Hekate mod has also been updated, and full 9.0.0 support here is just the beginning! Version 5.0.2 adds a forced autoboot via ID key option, which will prove particularly useful with Android and Linux distros - and staying on topic, CPU/GPU warmboot reboot has been fixed for said OSes as well. A bug that made SaltyNX hang under 8.X.X EmuMMC has also been fixed, so apps and mods that depend on it (such as ReverseNX) will now work properly again. The nogc patch will be applied automatically when running pre-9.0.0 firmware in EmuMMC on a console with a higher fuse count: this is different than the previously described Atmosphère autonogc feature as this is an error prevention measure, while AMS' own tries to avoid game card slot ASIC updates.

    Hekate Nyx has also some new goodies, such as archive bit support for EmuMMC folders and proper AutoRCM detection after restoring an eMMC backup. The version included in this release is 0.8.2.

    Several other bugs and smaller issues have been fixed, all of which are listed in the changelog below:
    Quoted from Changelog (Hekate CTCaer v5.0.2 & Nyx v0.8.2):
    This version supports booting ALL current OS/CS CFW, Linux chainloading and payload tools.
    No more SD card removals

    Latest HOS supported: 9.0.0

    New in this version

    • Full support for 9.0.0
    • Fixed SaltyNX for emuMMC 8.x.x
      There was an issue with fs mitm patches where it caused hangs for SaltyNX.
    • Add support for forced AutoBoot via id key - Android reboot
      You can now add id=max7char to your boot entries and hekate can be instructed to autoboot via only this.
      This will be helpfull especially with many Linux distros and Android (id=SWRANDR).
    • AutoNOGC protection for fatal errors in emuMMC
      NOGC will now be applied automatically when fuses are >= 9.0.0 and emuMMC is less than that.
    • Streamline power cycles for Sandisk U1 SDR104
      No more hangs because of this.
    • Fix CPU/GPU on warmboot reboot from Linux/Android
    • Allow critical info to be shown when a fatal error occurs while AutoBooting HOS
      Now, before booting Nyx right away, it will show the error message and wait for a button press.
    • Add exosphere/kernel no user exceptions handler cfg
    • And many other bugfixes

    New in emuMMC

    • 9.0.0 support

    The binary is based on m4xw/[email protected]

    Nyx v0.8.2

    • 9.0.0 support for info and tools
    • Fix AutoBoot list for inis (More configs)
      You can now select a cfg from ini folder for autobooting
    • Update AutoRCM status when a eMMC restore occurs
    • Add Fix Archive bit support for emuMMC folders
    • Fix eMMC split restore when < 10 parts
      (FYI nyx supports splits that are 4MB aligned. Only last part is allowed to be unaligned.)
    • Do not hide delay time option (for bootlogo) when AutoBoot is off
    • And many other bugfixes

    Check readme.md for more.

    NOTE: You will need sept and a custom secmon and warmboot binary to boot 7.0.0-9.0.0 or stock emuMMC.
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    If you are a homebrew developer and wish to fix the broken button input issue found in 9.0.0, you can use dkp-pacman to update libnx to its latest version.

    UPDATE: A bug affecting games with vibration support has been found and a hotfix has been released. Please redownload Atmosphère if this affects you.

    Atmosphère: Source / GBAtemp Thread
    Hekate CTCaer: Source / GBAtemp Thread