Join me as I spend the day at Linnanmäki in Helsinki, Finland! This awesome amusement park opened back in 1950 and was set up to raise funds for Finnish child welfare work. This fantastic cause is still the main focus of the park to this day!

This vlog is packed with on ride POV's from all of the major rides at the park including the 8 different roller coasters on offer. New for 2019 is Taiga, a spectacular Intamin Blitz Coaster that features two launches, 4 inversions and some very unique elements. In this vlog I share my full review from this very impressive ride. I also ride a classic scenic railway that dates back to 1951 and one of the creepiest dark rides I've ever experienced!

This was also the first day of the parks horror event and in this vlog I share POV's from all 3 of the different scare attractions on offer along with a look at the street theatre and theming around the park.