Other than GBA emulation, Dreamcast emulation also received some love and this comes in the form of some positive developments relating to Flycast. Developed by flyinghead, this emulator is the only open-source Dreamcast emulator capable of running Windows CE-based games and Naomi arcade titles making it pretty noteworthy especially to those interested in creating ports for other platforms.
The Switch is a pretty capable portable and with efforts from the homebrew community, it can do even more such as better Dreamcast emulation!

According to a post on the libretro blog, the emulator saw some significant developments recently including:

  • The Windows CE variant of the emulator got merged into the master branch
    • This wasn’t done before because the MMU codepath required by Windows CE hurt performance in non-Windows CE titles

  • Much better performance with an average improvement of around 30% thanks to SSA optimisations
  • AICA (the Dreamcast’s sound processor) emulation is now much better and considered to be feature complete thanks to the addition of low-pass-filter and pitch LFO
  • Fixes to rendering on AMD GPUs namely in relation to per-pixel alpha sorting
  • Some RetroArch core-specific improvements

Other than the above good news, a Flycast RetroArch core is coming to the Switch thanks to work by Datamats allowing for even better Dreamcast emulation on the console. Furthermore, m4xw is working on an ARM64 JIT for the emulator to allow for good performance on the Nintendo Switch.
If you wish to play some Dreamcast games on your Switch now, you can use its port of Reicast which allows you to play select titles pretty well including Crazy Taxi.