• Minecraft continues to be a juggernaut of a game, pulling in a massive 112 million players on a monthly basis. Updates for the game continue to roll out, adding new content to the decade-old title, bringing updated game mechanics, new creatures, blocks, and other additions. The latest update, which is currently playable as a beta, adds a somewhat unexpected feature: a character creator. According to the update's patch notes, players can now have much more customizability over their character, such as having the option to adjust eyes, mouth, hairstyle & colors, facial hair, skin tones, body shape and size, and limb replacement. There is set to be over 100 different items to edit your character with, for free, with additional customization being available for purchase as DLC. For those concerned about their Minecraft character skins, those will not be affected, and can still be used in future builds of the game. The Minecraft Character Creator is currently in beta on Android, Windows, and Xbox, and will eventually be playable on all platforms when the update fully launches.