vitaQuake, by Rinnegatamante, is a port of Quake I for hacked PSVitas and one of the earliest HENkaku-compatible native homebrew being ported a single day after the release of HENkaku on July 30, 2016 as it was originally created for use with the Rejuvenate hack. Ever since then, Rinnegatamante has updated it numerous times with version 2.5 being one of the most significant versions as it brought support for GPU acceleration.
Now, vitaQuake 4.0 has been released with the following features/improvements:

  • Improved mod support with support for:
    • More DarkPlaces extensions
    • Custom crosshairs
    • Half Life BSP and BSP2
    • Transparent surfaces
    • EF_BLUE, EF_RED and EF_NODRAW effects
    • External textures in TGA format

  • Supersampling anti-aliasing (SSAA) support
  • The Options menu has been reordered and Graphics settings have their own menu
  • Mods can now be used with shareware Quake files and various limits, such as that for static entities, have been removed or increased
  • More QuakeC commands are supported and itís now possible to specify custom arguments at launch time
  • The code received a significant cleanup, float arithmetic operations have been sped up with the use of NEON ARM instructions and the vitaGL library has been updated to the latest commit for better performance
  • Other minor improvements and fixes which can be found in the full change log