the PSVita also received an English translation for Date-A-Live Twin Edition: Rio Reincarnation by froid_san who has created numerous English translations for the PSVita. This game, which is a visual novel, was released in Japan in 2015 as a PSVita exclusive and never got translated to English until PC and PS4 ports were released earlier this year. Now, froid_san has made the PSVita version accessible to English-speaking audiences and the English patch he just released includes:

  • All text and images have been translated to English
  • Vocal-less videos from the PC version have been merged with the video data of the PSVitaís version

As a result, the game is fully playable on the PSVita and the only minor things that didnít get translated are trophies (PSN wouldnít take too kindly to unknown trophies being synced), the gameís title on its save data and the digital manual.
To download this English translation patch, check out this link and make sure you have a Windows PC at your disposal as itís required to create modded game files.