As its name suggests, Atmosphere Updater is a homebrew utility by ‘TotalJustice’ that allows you to update Atmosphere and now Hekate directly from your hacked Nintendo Switch meaning that you needn’t have access to a PC in order to get the latest release of the CFW up and running.
Who needs a PC to update Atmosphere when you can do it on-device?

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Furthermore, it doesn’t mess with existing configuration files unlike Kosmos which has earned it good reputation in the Switch community. Over the past few days, it received two updates with the latest version being 0.4.1 and these brought about:

  • Support for updating Hekate (0.4)
    • When updating Hekate, an option to overwrite Atmosphere’s INI files has been added (0.4.1)

  • The hekate payload is now copied to “/bootloader/update.bin” for better compatibility with modchips and RCM injectors (0.4.1)
  • fusee-primary.bin is copied to “/bootloader/payloads” when selecting to update both Hekate and Atmosphere (0.4.1)
  • A better looking UI and Switch font buttons are loaded from memory (0.4 & 0.4.1)
  • Code cleanups and error messages for when things go wrong (0.4 with further improvements in 0.4.1)

To grab Atmosphere Updater 0.4.1, check out this link and download the NRO file to install on your Switch. TotalJustice can be donated to on Patreon

Finally, 4 new 60FPS mods for commercial Switch games have been released during this week thanks to work by Kirby567fan and Masagrator. The titles that received 60FPS mods include: