Nintendo's latest foray into the mobile space, Mario Kart Tour, has gone live today -- and with it comes a surprise business model that's new for the platform holder.
In addition to the usual microtransactions that come with free-to-play games, and have been mentioned in promotional materials, the title also offers a monthly subscription.
A Gold Pass will give Mario Kart Tour users exclusive characters, karts, badges and other items, as well as access to the 200cc racers.
It costs $4.99 per month, which -- as our friends at VG247 point out -- is more than the $3.99 the company charges for Nintendo Switch Online (a service that grants access to online multiplayer for all Switch titles, plus a growing catalogue of NES and SNES titles).
It's also the same price as the newly-launched Apple Arcade, which offers more than 100 games with no in-app purchases.