• Incognito_RCM

    since Incognito by blawar doesn't work on vanilla atmosphere, I made a payload to use with hekate (or any other payload injector) with the same functionality.
    Incognito_RCM wipes personal information from your Nintendo Switch by removing it from prodinfo.


    • wipe personal information on sysnand/emunand
    • backup prodinfo from sysnand/emunand
    • restore prodinfo to sysnand/emunand

    Since NAND memory is encrypted, this is based on shchmue's Lockpick_RCM to first get the neccessary encryption keys.
    You can apply Incognito_RCM directly after installing atmosphere or any time after and it has the advantage that you don't need to set 90DNS after an internet connection and possibly communication with nintendo servers is already established. (You can apply 90DNS anyway)

    This has only been tested by me on firmware 8.1.0, so please test it and report back.
    Since it has only been tested by me, keep a hekate nand backup ready to be safe.

    source: https://github.com/jimzrt/Incognito_RCM
    releases: https://github.com/jimzrt/Incognito_RCM/releases

    This is early stage and there is no guarantee that everything works as expected! Please have a hekate NAND backup ready!



    • much faster read and write speed (not sector by sector anymore)
    • much more validation and verification (still not perfect)
    • more error handling (still not perfect)
    • backups aren't overwritten, old backups are renamed
    • check for backup before applying incognito
    • auto-restore backup if something goes wrong

    as always, have a NAND backup ready!


    • Removed external libraries and better handling of reading big chunks of memory.