Goldleaf is a homebrew utility for the Switch with similar functionality to FBI for the Nintendo 3DS.
Goldleaf, by XorTroll, is a homebrew utility similar to FBI that does a multitude of tasks!

Among its main features, one can find the ability to browse the SD Card, install NSP files, surf the web and manage local user accounts and console settings.
Version 0.7.3 was released a few hours ago and according to its changelog, it brings along:

  • Proper support for firmware 9.0.1 as the consoleís supported key generation is read from BOOT0 rather than being hardcoded
    • Thanks to this, Goldleaf neednít be updated every firmware update if the only issue is a key mismatch

  • The updater has been fixed as itís broken in version 0.7.2 and probably older versions
  • Pending update detection received some fixes
    To grab Goldleaf 0.7.3, check out this link to either get it in NRO or NSP format.