As its name suggests, PPSSPP is an emulator for the PlayStation Portable and the go-to emulator at that. This emulator, whose original author is Henrik Rydgård, does not only emulate games pretty accurately with good performance but is also available on a wide variety of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, macOS and the Switch among others.

Furthermore, it also boasts an impressive arsenal of features including save state support, a homebrew downloader, translations in tens of languages and the ability to render games at higher resolutions among others.
Now, PPSSPP 1.9 has been released which comes with:

  • Various game issues have been fixed including:
    • Flickering issues in GoW games that occurred with newer Mali GPU drivers
    • The Tekken 6 leg shaking problem
    • Disappearing officers in Warriors Orochi and issues in Tomb Raider on ARM64 devices
    • Hanging in Bleach and Armoured Core games
    • Audio glitches in FF Tactics
    • The camera display in Invizimals
    • Strange vehicle behaviour in MGS:PW
    • Audio in Motorstorm: Arctic Edge

  • To grab PPSSPP 1.9, check out this link and select the download for the platform of your choice; for viewing its change log, go here.