via PSO-World

Content notes for our upcoming June 6 update were just released! Here's what we can expect to see this Friday:

Seasonal lobbies - Wedding bells are ringing out all across Gurhal once again! Each city will be decorated for the wedding season from June 6 until June 20.

New story mission - "Farewell to Mother," the fourth chapter of Episode 3, will have Guardians investigating mysterious A-Photon waves emanating from somewhere on Parum. Remember that you must have completed the third chapter in order to play this one.

New free mission - "Seal of the Dark God" has Guardians traveling further into Rykros where they'll face the newly reborn Dark Falz!

New items - Variety Shop and Casino Voloyal will be updated with many new items!

System update - The long-awaited photon art experience update will be arriving on this day! Will this update, skills and TEC