Neo Liu leads Tencent Games' North American publishing team, and while there are other projects on his plate and things planned for the future, right now his focus is on PUBG Mobile and growing the game's profile as an esport.
Needless to say, there are some challenges with that proposition. When Liu speaks with about those challenges, he readily acknowledges some of the hurdles in front of him. For one thing, the field of "mobile esports" is even less developed than PC and console esports in North America.
"In the US or the North American market, console and PC are still dominating," Liu says. "A lot of players use these devices, but the trend with mobile users is increasing and especially as more people have affordable mobile devices, more people will want to enjoy games on them."
He likens the situation to what happened in China earlier this decade, when mobile esports were just starting to gain traction. At the time, Liu says people didn't really take mobile esports seriously for similar reasons, but, "they eventually figured out mobile esports is something real, something capable of being accepted by a wider audience. But the way it's viewed through the public is a little different from the traditional console or PC esports, because people are more casual."