• With the recent official acknowledgement of the next-gen PlayStation and its unsurprising, yet conventional name of PlayStation 5, we are left wondering what direction Microsoft will choose when it comes to naming their successor to the Xbox One.

    The Xbox brand has had a less than straight forward history when it comes to naming their hardware after the release of the original Xbox in 2001.

    With the upcoming release of the PlayStation 3 in 2005/06, Microsoft allegedly wanted to avoid calling their next console the Xbox 2 to avoid consumers splitting hairs between numbers and causing consumer confusion with possible assumptions that 2 is greater than 3, so instead they opted for the Xbox 360 name when it released ahead of the PS3 in '05. Though this decision only furthered complications when it came time for the next generation Xbox...

    Though many believed the next generation Xbox would be called the Xbox 720 after a supposed teaser was seen in the trailer for the 2011 film 'Reel Steel'. Instead, Microsoft chose to go back to the drawing board and turned heads when they revealed the Xbox One name during the Xbox Reveal 2013 event. The Xbox One released in 2013 up against the PlayStation 4.