Marvel is bringing their massive cinematic universe into TV screens with a host of new series in the works for Disney+, but that doesnít mean they have stopped all their other TV side projects with various other networks, even if they fall outside of their connected universe. Marvel announced that they were making a Helstom TV series on Hulu a fair while ago, but after all the rush of announcements to focus on their big-name TV projects, many people Ė mostly me Ė assumed it wouldnít happen anymore.
Well, it turns out Iím wrong because Marvel TV has announced (via Screen Rant) that not only is the series still in the works but that they have a cast in place. Marvelís Helstrom series will follow Daimon and Ana Helstrom, the children of a mysterious serial killer (possibly The Devil). Sharing a complicated dynamic and traumatization from their evil father, the siblings both dedicate themselves with tracking down the worst of humanity Ė which unfortunately does not include all the politicians of this world. Tom Austen will reportedly play the role of Daimon, while Ana will be played by Sydney Lemmon.